SociaBatt app is a social network platform that allows users to create limited-time ⏳ online battles. There, they will fight and compete for their ideas and opinions 💡 and defeat rival’s – similar to voting.

“Sociabatt is a fast and funny digital way to win a social battle, to engage people in your thoughts and confusions.”

Sociabatt is a social network that will gamify debate and turn them into social entertaining battles where users can play it anytime, anywhere.🌏
Users can battle over their favorite sports team, favorite songs, best outfit and hundreds of other topics.

Specific features include:

• ⚔️ Create battle in image mode
• 🛡️ Create battles in statement mode
• 👍💬 Get notified when friends vote and comment on your battles
• 🔖 Select your favorite topics to interact with
• 📖 Follow topics and people to get the latest battles
• ⭐ Save your favorite battles
• 📊 View your winning & loss percentage

Also, you can check our documentation center at help.sociabatt.com 

Our online pages:

  1. Magnit
  2. FeedMyApp
  3. Angel
  4. Betatesters
  5. BetaPage
  6. F6S